Create your invoice in a flash...

It's intuitive. It's smart. It's flexible. Choose any currency, set custom fields, choose your due date and set your terms. Your payment terms, footer etc. can all be saved as default to make creating an invoice even quicker next time.

...and send it with a few clicks on your mouse

Because how you send it matters to how quickly you get paid, you can send your invoices by e-mail, as a weblink, or simply download a PDF copy. If your customer prefers the old-fashioned printed copy, we do that too - so you don't have to deal with printing, stuffing envelopes, or that extra trip to the post office.

The dashboard helps you keep track

Each time you log in, you're first met by your personalised dashboard. It shows your recent activity (especially important if you have multiple users) and lists of your outstanding and recently closed invoices. There's also a graphical representation of how much you've billed each month over the last year.

Find invoices at the click of a button

The dynamic search is simply brilliant. Use it to filter by status, or search for a keyword anywhere in the invoice header, customer address and more. It's now a breeze to respond to customer queries about old invoices.

Know your customers

Keep track of the balance for each customer and add new ones at the click of a button. You can even bulk import your existing customer list, which makes it straight-forward to get started.

Add as many users as you fancy

By giving each user their own login you keep track of who does what. Why not let your accountant log in to fetch the latest VAT report? Using your admin privileges, you invite new users and block them when access is no longer required.

Invoice again, and again...

Recurring invoices means we'll do the job for you. Just tell us how often you want to issue invoice and forget about it. Great for subscriptions and rent agreements.